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Fly tied with Gator Hair Brush
Tied with 'Gator Hair Brush

     fly from multicolored brush
Fly made from multi colored Wiggly Hackle

    fish caught on multi colored fly







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              Fly Tying Dubbing Brushes & Wiggly Hackle

Brushes made for fly tying, Fly Tying Materials FLY TYING BRUSHES- These are brushes we personally use to tie our revolutionary Rub-A-Dub Nymphs, Strymphs and Streamers.  They are spun on the Dubbing Machine and have a fine stainless steel wire core, making them practically " Bulletproof".

We offer several types of brushes...Nymphs, Streamers, Strymphs, Big Daddy, and several new dubbing brushes from our newer dubbings as well as Glow-In-The-Dark all made right here in Montana.

We also offer WIGGLY Hackle made of RAD Wigglys and Big Daddy Hackle made of Big Daddy Legs.

Dubbing Brush made of Elite DubbingSwisher's Elite Dubbing-Brushes -- These beautiful UV dubbing brushes make tying a nymph so easy and fast. I use them for most of my medium size nymphs. The dubbing is enhanced which gives it more sparkle. Each brush is 12 inches long. They come in 16 great colors - Chartreuse, Dark Dun, Dark Gray, Fuchsia, Golden Brown, Lt Gray, Lt Olive, Moss-Green, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Purple, Redish-Tan, Rust, Tan, and Yellow.

Price $2.95 each

Dubbing brush made of Crystal Web CRYSTAL WEB BRUSHES - This new Synthetic Fiber is amazing. I use it for most of my Veil Material. It makes gorgeous brushes. Brush Colors: Silver Minnow, Hot Chartreuse, Hot Olive, Hot Orange, Pink, Polar Bear, Hot Electric Purple, Hot Yellow. 12 inches long.

 Price: $2.95 each    Crystal Web Brush


Dubbing Brush made of GID Fibers  GLOW IN THE DARK BRUSH: Made of our new GID Fibers. Create your own Glow-In-The-Dark fly. Just tie in a tail, our GID Accent makes a beautiful tail, wrap on the brush and wow there is a GID Fly. Add anything you want. Just remember it does not have to be dark to use Glow-In-The Dark flies. We use them almost totally during daylight in lakes. rivers and saltwater. Colors: White or Chartreuse. 12 inches long.

gid brush on hook

Price: $2.95 each


Yellow Sea Dragon Dubbing BrushSEA DRAGON DUBBING BRUSH: . Made with our Sea Dragon Dubbing. Has great action and is good for streamers. Colors: Black Leech, White Ghost, Purple Leech, Hot Chartreuse, GT Olive, Red Baron, and Hot Yellow. 1 per package, 12 inches long.

Price: $2.95 each


Dubbing brush made of brn leech Kraken dubbingKRAKEN DUBBING BRUSH: . Made with our new Kraken Dubbing. Unbelievable action. We have enhanced the dubbing to give it more sparkle. Colors: White, GT Olive, Brown Leech, Olive, Black, H Chartreuse, H Yellow, H PInk.  1 per package, 12 inches long.

Price: $2.95 each


Dubbing Brush made of Gator Hair'GATOR HAIR BRUSH: Made of  'Gator Hair and a little bit of Krystal Flash Fast way to make the body of a deadly streamer. Tie on a tail and wrap the brush to make the body. Each Brush is 12 inches long - 1 per pack. Colors: Lt. Olive, Dk Olive, Black, Chartreuse, Yellow, and Polar Bear

  Price: $2.95 each


Dubbing Brush made of Big Daddy dubbing Black Big Daddy Dubbing Brushes - Fly Tying Material, Doug Swisher BIG DADDY BRUSHES:   It is made with our Big Daddy Dubbing and has unbelievable action with the long wiggly’s in the material. Each brush is 12 inches long. An easy way to make incredibly effective streamers and strymphs. Tie on, wrap and tie off. Create deadly flies for trout, bass, saltwater and salmon.

Colors: Black, Peacock, Copper, Chartreuse, Yellow, White, Pink, Red and Purple, New colors: Black w/ Purple Wigglys, Black w/ Red Wigglys Yellow w/ Olive Wigglys, Yellow w/ Brown Wigglys, Red w/ White Wigglys, White w/ Red Wigglys, Olive w/ Orange Wigglys, Oive w/ Yellow Wigglys. 1 per pack.

Price----$3.00 per brush.     Pictures of Big Daddy flies


Dubbing Brush made of Peacock dubbing Peacock Plus Dubbing Brushes: Made of Peacock Plus Dubbing. Each Brush is 9 inches long. Makes a fly really come alive, an easy way to make a sub-surface fly. Tie in a tail and wrap the brush for a body. 1 per pack.  Colors: Black, Brown, Copper, Olive and Peacock -- other colors on request.

Price: $2.25 per brush.


Dubbing brush made of Super Mix, Fly Tying Materials Super Mix Dubbing Brush: Made of our new Super Mix dubbing. Each Brush is 9 inches long. 1 per pack.
Makes a very effective sub-surface fly. We have had great success using a strymph made with this brush.

Price: $2.75 per brush.

Dubbing Brush made of Rub A Dub,  Fly Tying Materials Nymph Brushes: Made of Rub-A-Dub Dubbing and Enhancer. Each Brush is 9 inches long and 2 per pack, 1 color. Colors: Black, Olive, Hares Ear.

Price: $5.00 per pack of 2


Dubbing Brush made of GX dubbing, Fly Tying Materials GX Nymph Brushes: Made of Generation X Dubbing, a thinner brush than the Rub-A-Dub brush, for smaller flies. Each Brush 9 is inches long and 2 per pack, 1 color. Colors: Black, Brown, Olive, Hares Ear.  

Price: $5.00 per pack per pack of 2


Dubbing Brush made of Rub A Dub Dubbing and Gator Hair Fly Tying Materials Streamer Brushes: Made of Rub-A-Dub Dubbing, extra Wigglys, Enhancer and 'Gator Hair. Fast way to make a very deadly streamer. Tie on a tail and wrap the streamer brush to make the body. Each Brush is 9 inches long - 1 per pack. Black or Olive

  Price: $2.95 per pack


Dubbing Brush made of Rub A Dub dubbing and Wigglys, Fly Tying Materials, Doug Swisher

Strymph Brushes: Made of Rub-A-Dub Dubbing, extra Wigglys and Enhancer. Each Brush is 9 inches long - 1 per pack. Black or Olive

Price: $2.50 per pack


WIGGLY HACKLE – We developed these Wiggly Hackles several years ago and have used them to create some of our deadliest patterns, especially for saltwater, steelhead, salmon, bass and large trout. Not only have they allowed us to spawn a whole new breed of killing imitations, but flies that are incredibly easy to tie and have unbelievable durability. The action in the water is phenomenal, even better than natural hackle. Some of our best tarpon and snook flies are made with black, purple, chartreuse and yellow Wiggly Hackles. On the Missouri and Beaverhead we use black, as well as the combo colors, brown and yellow and brown and olive for best results. And remember, it’s so easy to create some great affects by using 2, 3 or more Hackles on one fly. You’re limited only by your imagination! For now, we’re offering 7 single colors, black, olive, white, yellow, purple, red and chartreuse along with 3 combos, brown and yellow, brown and olive and now multi-colored. NEW COLORS -- Orange, Olive and Orange,
Wiggly Hackles are 12 inches long. 1 per package
Dubbing brush made of Wiggly Hackle, Unique  Fly Tying Materials, Doug Swisher

Price: $2.95 each

Pictures of Wiggly Hackle flies


Dubbing brush made of Big Daddy Hackle,  Fly Fishing Products BIG DADDY HACKLE - This hackle is very similar to our popular Wiggly Hackle, only longer and made from larger diameter wigglys. Fantastic for flies for saltwater, salmon, bass, pike and larger species. It is 12 inches long. Colors: White, red, black, pink, chartreuse, yellow and purple.


Price: $2.95 each


BLACK RUBBER HACKLE– What an easy way to tie a fly that has unbelievable action.Dubbing Brush made of black rubber,  Fly Tying Materials Rubber Hackle flies can be tied very quickly and they gyrate and wiggle all over the place. They are especially deadly when used on streamer patterns, for both fresh and saltwater. Just tie on a hair or synthetic fiber tail and add the rubber hackle up front and you’ve got a killer fly. Each brush is 12 inches long. Black only. 1 per package.

Price: $1.95 each

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