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Fly Selections

UV Materials and Flies

Glow in the Dark Material


Photo, No Hackle Dun




Baby tarpon release
Randi Swisher & Baby Tarpon

Big Montana Brown

Montana Brown



Large Salmon caught on Madam X
Silver Salmon caught on a Madam X         

Whether you're Fly Fishing for Trout or tarpon, you must master the two real basics of Fly Fishing: Selecting the Right Fly and making the Proper Cast.

These are what I call the Two P's of Fly Fishing - Pattern & Presentation.

One is no good without the other.



We have a new book "FLIES FOR SELECTIVE TROUT". We have just received our 1st edition supply. They will be signed.

Another new book, "Creations From The River Road" by Tony Tomsu owner of River Road Creations is available. It is signed.

LOGO HATS - New Soft Hackle Streamer and Strymph

New Soft Hackle Hen Patches like we use for our SH Flies.

Ultra Violet FLIES AND MATERIALS    New UV Soft Hackle Hen Patch to make our Soft Hackle Strymphs.

April week Two SPECIAL Nymph Selection

A Great Selection of materials.

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Our Email Special : Stimulator, Green Drake, Letort Cricket, Isonychia, BWO, Ant, Beetle, Comparadun, Mighty Mite.

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Old Favorite Flies including Green Drake

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Brown Trout release in fall

You can pick the perfect fly, but if you can't cast, you don't have a prayer. On the other hand, great presentation is worthless without a fly the fish truly wants to eat. font>

In all of my travels, I rarely see an angler that has perfected both of these critical skills.

Our web site is devoted to making you the best fly fisherman you can possibly be. We hope our Unique Fly Fishing Products and Services will help you to accomplish this goal.

Montana Rainbow 2012

    Beavertail Pond Bow


You'll notice most of our Freshwater and Saltwater Flies are not "run-of-the-mill" patterns.

Trout flies with names like:

  • Clumpa
  • Speckl-X
  • Button
  • Dancing Caddis
  • Para-Tractor
  • Georgie Long Legs
  • Devil Leech
  • Fluzzie
  • DP Hopper
  • Three P's
  • and Rub-A-Dubs

are the staple of our personal fly boxes.

Photo/RAD Strymph,  Fly Fishing Flies

In the salt, flies like:
  • Sea Devil
  • Buck-N-bunny
  • Small Fry
  • Fluter
  • Yella Fella
  • Bone-A-Boo
  • Hot Mama
  • and Bonefish Killer
  • Mantilla
  • Glow in the Dark

are deadly on the flats and in the backcountry.

Photo/Hot Mama.  Salt Water Fly Fishing

And, of course, this is the home of Parachute Madam X which, over the past 30 years, has become the most popular Dry Fly on the planet.

Photo/GX Dubbing,  Fly Tying MaterialsFor the fly fishermen, that want to tie their own flies, we offer a variety of Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Tying Supplies headed up by the Rub-A-Dub line of products: Rub-A-Dub Dubbing, Generation X Superfine Dubbing, Rub-A-Dub Wigglys, Generation X Wigglys and Rub-A-Dub Dubbing Brushes. 'Gator Hair, Flash Enhancers, Incredible Legs and Tasmanian Devil complement the line.

We have a Dubbing Brush Machine as well as a great assortment of Dubbing Brushes.

We also offer Fly Tying Instructions on the Tying page.

Our Fly Fishing Accessories include fly boxes, copper sleeves, stomach pump and our favorite floatant, Dilly Wax. .

The two top-selling Fly Fishing Books of all time, "Selective Trout" and "Fly Fishing Strategy", are now out of stock. For Fly casting Instruction, we have the best-seller DVDs from 3M, "Basic" and "Advanced" Fly well as Strategies for Selective Trout.


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