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Huge Bow on uv olive strymph

Caught on UV Olive Strymph

Rainbow caught on Georgie Long Legs

Caught with Georgie Long Legs 


  Caught on GT Bullet Head

Georgetown bow

Caught on Damsel Fly



Nymphs and Strymphs

Dry Flies - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - Saltwater  - Bass, Pike & Muskie

Photo/Georgie Boy - Fly Fishing Flies

 Georgie Boy w/Gen X Dubbing

New Soft Hackle Nymph -- Scorpion NymphUV Scorpion Nymph -- Each season, we pick what we call "The Fly of the Year". In 2017, it's definitely the fly with the single tail that's swept up in a big arc, more often called the "Scorpion". Actually it's a series of 3 flies, nymph, strymph, and streamer, having the same unique silhouette with their tails curled up in "attack" position. These patterns are similar in appearance with the nymphs being size 12, 14, strymphs size 10 and the streamers size 8. We are getting reports of how deadly the Scorpion has been for trout, and with larger size flies also for bass, pike, stripers and many saltwater species. Size 12, 14

Your Price -- $1.95
Olive Soft Hackle StrymphSoft Hackle Strymph (More often called the Scorpion Strymph because of the curved up tail.)-- Thirty years ago, Jack Gartside, the famous fly fisherman and tyer, showed me his favorite pattern he used for stripers. He called it a Soft Hackle Streamer. It was constructed mainly of a blend of bucktail and soft hackle looped into a wing and tied on a #4 saltwater hook. Since that experience, I often have wondered why no one has developed and promoted Soft Hackle Streamers and Strymphs.

Sharon and I took care of that problem a couple of months ago, halfway through the 2016 season. We created both streamers and strymphs using mainly partridge, probably the best soft hackle material of all.

With the success of the deadly new soft hackle streamers, we felt the next step was to put together a new strymph pattern. Actually it ended up being a very similar design, only tied in a more realistic size, #10. We maintained the same type of tail mounting, which we call an "Aggressive Posture", that we feel is a very important factor as to why the fly is so deadly. These flies have definitely won our vote for "Flies of the Year"
Strymph comes in two colors. Natural, UV Orange/Olive and UV Olive.  Size 10
Your Price -- $1.95             uv Soft Hackle Strymph     Soft Hackle Strymph - gray

Purple Soft Hackle Strymph The Streaker -- This Ultra-violet fly was amazing when we tested it last fall, the fish couldn't leave it alone. Size 10
Price 1.95Purple Soft Hackle Strymph, fishes view

Nymph used for the Sally StoneflySally Nymph -- A great creation of Sharon's, made from our SSS action dubbing -- deadly on all rivers that have a hatch of Yellow Sally's. Beautiful silhouette and tremendous action. I always carry this pattern when I'm nymphing!

Sizes: 14, 16,

Price $1.95


Stoneflies -- I've been after Karl Gebhart to supply some more of his great flies for our web site and he finally agreed. He's not only an excellent tyer, but his patterns are creative and, more importantly, very effective. He'll be supplying 2 of his flies: A dark Stonefly Nymph, the one I personally use for the Western Skwala, and Golden is the one I use on the Bitterroot for the Golden Stonefly Nymph, both are size 6.

 Size 6        golden stone nymph      Dark Stonefly

Price: $2.75


nymph with wigglysAP Nymph -- Do to the great action of the "WIGGLYS", this imitation works every where we use it. Colors: Hares Ear, Brown and Olive. Sizes, 14, 16

            Olive AP nymph   apnymph top view

Price $1.95 each


damsel nymphDamsel Nymph - Damsel nymphs are one of the most imitated bugs of all time but our creation is, for us, is the best. -- Give it a try.

Size 10

Price: $1.75

Soft hackle fly with bead3P's /with bead -- One of the most versatile soft hackle nymphs I've ever used. Designed by Dick Nelson, one of the Greatest fly tyers of our time. He's combined partridge, peacock and pheasant tail into one of the deadliest sub-surface flies I've ever used. Due to the popularity of Bead Heads, we decided to add a bead behind the soft hackle. Dick is also the inventor of the Aztec.

Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.95


Caddis pupaBird of Prey -- The "Bird" is a great wet caddis imitation, especially when pupas and emergers are on the water. I personally love the partridge wings and tails. Color: Olive

Sizes 12, 14, 16

Price $1.95   


Conehead Long Leg FlyGT BULLET HEAD -- This fly was developed several years ago by Sharon and has become one of our deadliest patterns, especially in places like Georgetown Lake and the Missouri River. We feel it’s the unique wiggly legs that make the fish go crazy. The legs are smaller than our Georgie Long Legs and the fly has a cone head.

Size 10

Price $2.50


SnymphSTILLWATER NYMPH-Designed by super lake Angler Denny Rickards. A “must have” pattern if you fish still water - great for rivers too. A staple in my fly box. Color: Olive/Orange, Brown, Black, Olive

Sizes:8, 10, 12, 14 in Olive/Orange

Price: $1.95 each


Brown, Black, Olive Stillwater Nymphs - Sizes: 10, 12, 14 only


Hot Head Nymph -Trout Flies -  Fly Fishing Nymphs - Fly Fishing FliesHOT HEAD NYMPH - Featuring a Hot Pink Bead and an incredibly "wiggly" tail, this little guy is deadly during hatches and as a searching pattern. Try it in your favorite run or riffle. Color: Black

Sizes: 14, 16

Price: $1.95 each


Tip & Sip Emerger/ Fly Fishing Nymphs - Trout FliesTIP & SIP EMERGER - Another one of Sharon's deadly creations that has bailed me out of many difficult situations, especially when small mayflies are hatching. I grease my tippet properly to keep the fly on the surface or slightly into the film. One of my favorite "go-to" patterns when things get tough! Tied using our X-Treme dubbing and floats quite well on it's own.

Tip & Sip Emerger - Color: Brown or Olive, Sizes 14, 16

Price $1.95 each

Diva Nymph -Freshwater Fly Fishing Flies "DIVA" NYMPH - Our deadliest nymph - This fly has "serious action" in the water and should definitely be part of your sub-surface attack. Action and silhouette are almost always responsible for a pattern's effectiveness and this fly certainly has both. We use .002 Diameter GX-Wigglys for the tail and our new Generation X-Treme, which is also loaded with Wigglys, for the thorax and legs. There's lots of Jiggling and squirming going on! For the abdomen, we use a body wrap material that gives the fly a very realistic looking silhouette and segmentation. A black bead up front seems to give the best results.

"Diva" Nymph, Colors: Olive and Brown, Sizes 14, 16, 18

Price  $1.95 each


Glow in the dark flySIMPLY LEGS -- (Glow-In-The-Dark) This pattern has quickly become one of our deadliest GID flies. It has a Glow Chenille body, Flashabou Accent Tail and , most importantly, Aquaglo Legs that give it incredible action in the water, much like our Georgie Long Legs. Fish it deep or right on top. Day or night.
Size 6

Price -----$2.95

Glitzy Legs/Glow-in-the-dark Freshwater FliesGLITZY LEGS - (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) This pattern, much like our Georgie Long Legs and Peacock Long Legs,, has incredible action in the water. In Montana, it works well at Georgetown, not only at night but early in the morning and late afternoon.

Size 4 -- Now with new Aquaglo Legs

Price: $2.95

GID Nymph/Glow-in-the-dark FliesGID NYMPH - (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) In Western Montana, we have several lakes with both trout and bass. This nymph with the extreme glow in the wing case is one of my very favorites, especially in the deeper holes and pockets. Also, great late season on the Beaverhead and Big Hole.

Sizes 10, 12

Price: $2.75


Glow-Worm/Glow-in-the-dark fliesGLOW WORM - (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) There's something about this pink worm that really comes into play during fall fishing on the Southwest Montana streams and reservoirs like Georgetown and East Fork. Simple but deadly, daytime or dusk.

Size 8

Price: $2.85

Floating Nymph - Fly Fishing Flies by Doug Swisher FLOATING NYMPH -- When it comes to really difficult angling, especially those situations you encounter when you’re casting to super-selective fish on rivers like the Mataura of New Zealand and the spring creeks of Montana, the Floating Nymph more often than not is the key to success. They’ve bailed me out many times so we’re now offering a floating nymph that’s a great partner to our Hi – Float Emerger. It has a wing case that’s not only very realistic in appearance but floats like a cork. We tie it out of our “Gekko Hair” which is the highest floating dubbing on the market. Between the “Floating Nymph” and the Hi – Floater” you have a great one-two punch.

  Floating Nymph, Brown, 14, 16, 18

  Price  $1.95 each


Nymphomaniac BWO - Fly Fishing Nymphs Blue Wing Olive Nymphomaniac – If you’ve done well with Gordon Hill’s original Nymphomaniac, I think you’ll really love the BWO Nympho. We’re tying it in the typical olive color. It’s been deadly all over the country.

Size: Olive, 14, 16,18

Price  $1.95 each    


Selection of 12 flies, 4 each 14, 16, 18    $21.00

New Nymphomaniacs -- Three new colors from world - class fly tyer, Karl Gebhart. Great nymphs, all tied in deadly Ultra Violet. Colors: Orange and Yellow in size 14, 16. Plus a deadly new March Brown color in size 10 and 12.
Price $1.95

orange and yellow nymphosORANGE AND YELLOW NYMPO: Can be used for several different hatches.

Nymphomaniac tied in March Brown colorsMARCH BROWN NYMPHO


Whitish NymphoMoulting Nymphomaniac -- It’s a known fact that nymphs shed their skin 20 to 30 times during their year - long life cycle. Each time this happens, their color lightens dramatically, changing them from a dark olive or brown to a whitish color. This only lasts for a short time, but triggers a response from the trout, much like the soft shelled crab effect on bass. To imitate this phenomena, we’re offering whitish Nymphos in #14 and #16

Size: 14, 16

Price  $1.95 each


Nymphomaniac - Fly Fishing Nymphs - Fly Fishing Flies  Nymphomaniac!!! Everyone was screaming for the “Nymphomaniac” after it was written up in Fly Fisherman Magazine a few years back. The “NYMPHO” is the brainchild of Master New Zealand Angler Gordon Hill and not only looks like the real thing but has incredible action in the water.

Rubberized dubbing brings the fly to life and the dark bead head is much more realistic than traditional bright colors. Ever seen a nymph with a gold head? And to tie the nymphomaniac, I’ve got one of the finest fly tyers in the country, Karl Gebhart. I feel strongly Gordon's great pattern will kick off a new direction in the construction of nymphal imitations.

Nymphomaniac, color: Dark Brown, size 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.95 each


A selection of 12 flies, 3 each 12, 14, 16, 18--------------$21.00

Peacock Long Legs - Unique Fly Fishing Flies Peacock Long Legs - One of our deadliest subsurface flies. Tied with the exciting new Peacock Plus Dubbing that has a base peacock color blended into every dubbing color, a great sparkle and hundreds of wiggly micro legs that produce the ultimate in movement.

 Color: Peacock, size 8 & 10, with a long pair of “Incredible Legs”

Price: $2.50 each


First nymph made with RAD dubbing.Rub-A-Dub Nymph -- This nymph was the first nymph we added to our web-site when our Action Dubbing was developed. It was a fish catcher right away. Lots of Rub-A-Dub Wigglys in the dubbing. Colors, Hares Ear or Olive.
Sizes: 12, 14, 16

Price $1.75 each


RAD Strymph - Fly Fishing Flies - Doug Swisher RUB-A-DUB STRYMPHS - Tied like a nymph but fished like a streamer. It was deadly everywhere we fished it this summer.

Available in 2 colors: Black, Olive

Size: 10

Price: $1.75 each


Georgie Boy - Fly Fishing Flies GEORGIE BOY - A Great sub-surface fly made of olive Generation "X" with lots of extra black GX Wigglys and a beadhead. A Strymph-style fly, fished like a nymph or streamer.

Sizes 8, 10,12

 Price: $1.75 each


Golden Stone  Nymph - Fly Fishing Flies Salmon Fly Nymph - Fly Fishing Flies Skwala Nymph - Fly Fishing Flies

THE STONEFLY NYMPHS – By combining our Generation X dubbing, Rub-A-Dub Wiggly’s and Incredible Legs, we’ve not only come up with great nymphal imitations for the 3 giant stoneflies, Salmon fly, Skwala and Golden, but they also work as deadly attractor flies. These large patterns, # 4’s, # 6’s and # 8’s, when fished like a streamer, especially the Skwala and Golden variety, are dynamite here on the Bitterroot and other western Montana free-stoners while the Salmon version has been one of my very best attractors on the Mataura and Pomahaka of New Zealands South Island.

3 Patterns:

  1. Salmon fly: Orange and black, Size #4
  2. Skwala: olive and black, Size #6
  3. Golden: yellow and brown, Size #8  

Price: $2.50 each


Fly with 2 long legs GEORGIE LONG LEGS - Over the past 4 years, this has been the deadliest sub-surface pattern in my fly box. Not only is it great for trout, in both lakes and streams, but also my best fly for bass, large mouth and small mouth, panfish, steelhead, salmon and many saltwater species, especially snook and baby tarpon.  

The 2 keys to the effectiveness of “Georgie Long Legs” are the super long, speckled rubber legs with my special support system and the Generation X body, both of which contribute to an incredible action like you’ve never seen.  Sizes 8 & 10

Price: $2.50 each


Mono Caddis Pupa - Freshwater Fly Fishing Flies MONO CADDIS PUPA - Bright Green is the most predominant body color found in caddis pupas, so we tie the abdomen out of a unique translucent green mono and spin a shaggy head of black Rub-A-Dub dubbing. It not only works well during the hatch but also is deadly as a searching pattern.

Sizes 14-16-18

 Price: $1.75 each


Selection of 6 Flies, 2 of each size
Price: $8.95 per selection

Brassy Pupa/Freshwater Nymphs & Strymphs - Fly Fishing Flies

BRASSIE CADDIS PUPA -  Another great caddis pattern, from super-tyer, Karl Gebhart. The "Brassie" Pupa has been killing, especially on the Delaware-Beaverkill system. Tied with a copper wire body, brown Rub-A-Dub thorax and beadhead.

Sizes 14-16-18

 Price: $1.75 each


Selection of 6 Flies, 2 of each size
Price: $8.95 per selection

Fox PoopahFOX POOPAH - These great looking patterns are deadly, especially when caddis are hatching. 2 colors - Amber or Olive gold bead. Sizes: 14, 16.     Olive Fox Poopah bh

Price: $1.75 each  


Popular nymph with a flashie wing case"FLASHBACK NYMPH" -- I've found the visibility of this fly to be deadly on the knee-deep runs of the Matarua in New Zealand and the London Lakes area of Tasmania as well as our rivers here in the US. Sizes 14, 16, 18  Now with bead or without.

Price $1.60    


Tiny Midge NymphSERENDIPITY -- One of the modern nymphs that works very well fished either on the surface or deep with one of our lead sleeves. Colors, red.

Sizes 16 and 18

Price: $1.60 each


An old favorite nymph"LIGHTNING BUG" -- This fly has a little more flash in the abdomen and is especially deadly in tailwaters like the Big Horn and Missouri. Sizes 16, 18

Price $1.60


Popular old favorite"COPPER JOHN"-- Over the past few years, this little guy has become one of the most popular nymphs on today's market. With its copper abdomen and just the right amount of flash in the wingcase, it's effective everywhere. Sizes 16, 18

Price $1.60


Kiwi Killer - Fly Fishing Flies "KIWI KILLER" - Originated in New Zealand, this Olive Nymph has become one of my favorites especially on tail waters such as the South Holsten in Tennessee and the Big Horn in Montana. It has a marabou tail, dubbed body and a red bead head.

Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18.

Price: $1.60 each


Selection of 12 flies, 3 of each size
Price: $14.95

Prince Nymph - Fly Fishing Nymphs - Fly Fishing Flies

Prince Nymph (with  gold beads)

Price: $1.25


Prince Nymph ( with black beads)


Pheasant Tail Nymph - Fly Fishing Flies

Pheasant Tail (with gold beads)

Price: $1.25


Prince Nymph ( with black beads)


Hares Ear Nymph - Fly Fishing nymphs - Freshwater Fly Fishing Flies

Hares Ear  (with gold beads)

Price: $1.25


Hares Ear (with black beads)


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