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Big Redfish

Caught on Congo Redfish Fly

Large Snook

Caught on Wild Shiner

 Photo/Carl Richards Saltwater Fly Fishing

Carl Richards with Big Permit

Tarpon, Ocean Hair Demon
Ocean Hair Demon takes 150 lb. Tarpon Apr. 10, Florida

 Bob Marvin, Big Jack

Cpt Bob Marvin-Jack Crevelle

  Jew Fish taken on Glitter Bug

         Jew Fish - Glitter Bug

Saltwater and Bass Flies


Dry Flies - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs &  Strymphs - Streamers - Saltwater - Bass, Pike & Muskie

ultra-violet yellow saltwater flyThe Preditor -- Our newest ultra-violet saltwater creation, that has been deadly in South Florida. Sizes 1, 1/0

Price: $3.50 ultra-violet


saltwater fly unique hair, northern lights and krakenAURA REBEL -- A great saltwater fly made of our Unique Hair, Northern Lights and Kraken Dubbing. It has small hour glass eyes to give it a little weight. Tested in Florida and our reports were it nailed the fish. Sizes 1, 1/0

Price: $3.50


Purple and Chartreuse Saltwater Fly DOUBLE TROUBLE -- This is a great Saltwater Fly we use in Sunny South Florida for Snook, Jacks and Baby Tarpon. We took it to the Naples area acouple years ago, on our annual trip and except for the dynamite Mantilla, was our best fly. The color is a beautiful combination of Purple and Chartreuse. Size 1, 1/0

Price: $3.50


Saltwater Mantilla, masked flySaltwater Mantilla -- We went to the Everglades area of Florida for 2 weeks back in May and released more big Snook than ever, both on the Full moon and new moon. This fly was deadly around the Mangroves and canals. We designed this fly to imitate a newborn or stillborn minnow. Notice the eyes are masked until they get wet.  Wet fly below.
Size 1/0

Price $3.75 Saltwater Mantilla, masked fly wet


Fly made from Sea Dragon DubbingSD Salty Wacker -- This fly has a tail of 840 legs and the body is our new Sea Dragon Dubbing. Not having a chance to go salt water fishing since the new dubbing came out we sent some to some friends in Florida to test for us. The report was they worked well! The 840 legs as well as the wigglys in the dubbing give the fly great action. We are offering 3 colors without eyes chartreuse and yellow, purple, red and white, and 1 color with eyes, chartreuse. Of course the eyes help you get a little deeper if you need too. But if you are throwing at the base of mangroves you would not want that extra weight.
Sizes 1/0, 2/0 Fly made from Sea Dragon Dubbing with eyes
Price $2.95



Saltwater Fly Glitter BugGLITTER BUG - One of the most versatile saltwater flies we've ever developed. It has caught almost every species in South Florida, snook, tarpon, jacks, reds, ladyfish and even jewfish.
Sizes 1, 1/0

Price: $3.50 each


                      Congo Red Fish/Sculptured Saltwater Fly              Congo Snook/Sculptured  Saltwater Fly Fishing Fly                 Gold Majorra sculptured fly for saltwater

THE Congo Series - These flies are tied from our Congo Hair which provides that great baitfish silhouette we want in this type of "Sculptured" saltwater fly.  THE Congos are extremely durable and cast like a charm.
Saltwater: Congo Redfish,  Congo Snook, and Gold Majorra all in size 1/0

Price: $3.95 each


Big Daddy Yellow, Saltwater Flies         Big Daddy Purple, Saltwater Flies          Big Daddy Chartreuse  - Saltwater Flies   

Big Daddy Series - These flies are a more advanced version of the "Sculptured" saltwater flies that have become so popular, especially in salt water. They not only have that baitfish shape, but literally "come to life" with the addition of the Big Daddy material. For now, 3 patterns...Big Daddy Yellow, Big Daddy Chartreuse and Big Daddy Purple, Size 1/0

Price: $3.95 each

Smaller Baitfish Pattern for Saltwater GID BAITFISH -- This Glow-In-The-Dark pattern has the slim silhouette of the minnows that swim under the docks and other obstructions found in the Everglades. We found it very effective in Florida when fishing the lights as well as during the day.
Sizes, #2, 4GID Baitfish glowing in dark

Price: $3.45


Midnight Magic Saltwater glow in the dark fly Dock D Lite, Great glow in the dark flie for saltwater GID

 GLOW IN THE DARK FLIES - Probably the best flies in our box when saltwater fishing around the docks and lights for large snook and baby tarpon, or a double-digit jack crevelle. Let it sink for a few seconds, then you can't strip them fast enough! Excellent during the full moon and any bright night situation, although we've also done really well during the first 2 or 3 hours of daylight on rolling tarpon in back bays and canals.

Size, 1/0      Click on picture for larger image.

Price: $4.45

Glow In The Dark Fly using accent material
GID SPARKLER -- We had great luck with this Glow-In-The-Dark fly when we were in Florida this spring. It does a great job of attracting Baby Tarpon, Snook, Jacks, as well as several other species, both in daylight hours and at night. Sizes, 1, 1/0GID Sparkler glowing in the dark

Price: $4.45


Legs-A-Glo Fly/Glow-In-The-Dark Fly Fishing Flies LEGS-A-GLO - (Glow -in-the-dark fly) This little yellow guy with the long wiggly legs has been deadly all over South Florida for snook, jacks, ladyfish, and trout. Also great for bass in brackish water.
Size, #2 long shank

Price: $3.95


Saltwater Fly very deadlyBACK COUNTRY GRABBER -- This fly has been working very well in Florida Backcountry on almost anything that swims. Colors: Chartreuse, Yellow and White. Sizes: 1, 1/0 2/0

Price: $2.95

Ocean Hair Demon, fantastic tarpon fly OCEAN HAIR DEMON - Another one of our saltwater flies that is working really well in South Florida for Tarpon and most Backcountry Species. The tail is a little stiffer than our Flash material, giving it a great silhouette but still having good action in the water. Excellent for Redfish, too. Colors: Chartreuse, Pink, Yellow and White.

Price $2.95 1/0 & 2/0        Price $3.50 3/0 & 4/0

Saltwater fly, white tail red and white head SW Enticer - Another great fly we did so well with in Florida.  
 Sizes: 2, 1/0

Price $2.95


Backcountry Needlefish - Unique Saltwater Fishing Flies BACKCOUNTRY NEEDLEFISH - This saltwater fly has been very effective in South Florida Backcountry. We have caught several different species on it. The tail is buck tail, good action.
Size: 1/0, 2/0

Price: $2.95


Sea Devil, great saltwater fly "SEA DEVIL" -  The best all around saltwater fly I've ever used and featured in our book, "Backcountry Fly Fishing in Saltwater."  Similar to the Devil Leech, only larger and in bright colors. Size 1/0



Price: $2.95 each


Selection of 6, 2 of each color
Price: $14.95 each


Buck-n-Bunny, Saltwater Flies "BUCK-N-BUNNY" -  This creation from Bob Marvin has been dynamite for all species, especially Snook, Redfish and Tarpon, both in the backcountry and in the flats.  The rabbit collar produces a tantalizing action in the water, but doesn't foul like most bunny patterns. Size 1/0

Price: $2.75 each


Selection of 6 flies, 2 of each color
Price: $14.95 per selection

Small Fry, Saltwater Fly Fishing Flies "SMALL FRY" -  This fly is vastly-improved version of the scaled sardine pattern from our book "Back Country Fly Fishing."   

It has become the  saltwater fly of choice for "fussy" fish- those times when fish like Snook, Redfish Stripped Bass and Tarpon are feeding selectively. 

It is especially effective at night under the lights.  Size 2

Price: $3.45 each

Yella Fella , Velcro Saltwater FlyYELLA FELLA - Along with the Sea Devil, old “Yella” is one of the deadliest saltwater flies for nailing big snook and baby tarpon in the backcountry. 

These patterns have replaced the old standards like Deceivers, Seaducers and Tarpon Fly in my fly box. Simply put, they look more realistic in the water and don’t tangle around the bend of the hook. Yellow - Size 1
Price: $2.75 each

Green & Mean,  Saltwater Fly head made of velcroGREEN & MEAN - Similar to Yella Fella, except a chartreuse and white color scheme. Great for murky water conditions and under the docks at night. The non-fouling tail is certainly a pleasure to fish. Size 1


Price: Cost $2.75 each

Hot Mama,Fish shaped head of velcro Saltwater FlyHOT MAMA - When I’m after Redfish, this is normally my first choice, especially when I’m fishing along the inland waterways or the back bays deep  in the mangroves. Hot Pink and white. Size 1


Price: $2.75 each


 Fluter Fly, foam popper like fly

"FLUTER" Foam Popper with grooves that give a very different and unique action.  Our best surface fly for Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and other saltwater species.  It's also dynamite for Bass. Size 1/0

Price: $5.95 each

glow in the dark bonefish flyGlowing Bone - Another Glow-In-the-Dark fly that we have had great reports on from our friends that tested it for us. They got it glowing and fished it during the day like any other bonefish fly and the bonefish were interested in it and grabbed it. Size 4

Price $3.45

bonefish fly gold hookGoldilocks - Becoming one of our very best Bonefish flies, I think for 3 reasons: precise placement of the gold bead chain eyes, the general gold coloration of the fly and most importantly, putting GX Wigglys in the wing - great action!! Size 8

Price $2.95

The Bonefish Killer, great bonefish  Fly"THE BONEFISH KILLER"—Developed by super fly tyer Dick Nelson, the "Killer" is a favorite on the flats. His unique placement of the gold eyes, at the rear of the shank, guarantee proper orientation of the bonefish fly on every cast. Tied on gold hooks. A favorite at Christmas Island.
Colors: Tan, White or Pink. Sizes 2-4-6-8

Price: $3.45 each

Bone-A-Boo, our favorite Bonefish Fly"BONE-A-BOO" -  Crazy Charlies and Gotchas have been top dogs when it comes to bonefish flies; however, I've encountered numerous situations, over the past few years, where standard imitations simply didn't work.  My best solution to this problem is an All-Maribou fly which I've named the Bone-A-Boo. Give it a try for Fussy Bones. Size 4 & 6, Color: Tan, Pink


Price: $2.75 each

Selection of 8, 2 of each size and color
Price: $16.95 per selection




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